The Banana Mush

Posted by Unknown Thursday, June 10, 2010
During my early teens I had a few dessert cooking creation successes.  My chocolate mousse with a rum whipped topping, cinnamon pumpkin pie and German Chocolate rum balls were all huge hits.  I even had some success with New York style cheese cakes of different sorts.  I got the bright idea to mix two of my favorite things, Cheesecake and Bananas. 

I decided to try  pureeing 2 bananas into the cream cheese mixture before baking.  Little did I realize that the bananas when surrounded by liquid would turn to goo.  And I do not mean caramelized tasted goo but yellow and brown snot goo that made the cheesecake very unstable.  I kept testing the cheesecake over and over with a butter knife in the center but it was not hardening.  Finally I decided it had to be done!

I took the cheesecake out o the oven popped the spring form pan and the cake oozed out everywhere in a big glob.  My dad walked by and said, "Guess we won't be eating that..." and walked away.  I decided to brave the snotty goop and taste the monstrosity that was suppose to be a delicious dessert.  It tasted... OK.  The consistency was so gross though that I had to spit it out in the garbage.  I have never tried creating a banana cheesecake again but if I ever do I will be putting banana slices on the top after the cheesecake is mostly baked!


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