The First Cooking for Zo

Posted by Unknown Friday, June 11, 2010
I invited Zo to go on a walk by the river for our first date for two reasons:
1. During the winter months the Truckee river can be absolutely stunning.
2. My Town home was right next to the river.

I scheduled our walk right around lunch time in the hope she'd be hungry and I'd be able to invite her in for lunch. I'd planned out what was suppose to be a vegetarian friendly, imported mushroom white cheese sauce over pasta that would impress her.

We walked and I talked getting more and more jittery as we closed in on my place. I just didn't know if I would have the nerve to ask her. I mean wouldn't it be creepy for me to ask a girl to follow me into my place on our first date? What if she said no? What would I do?

Every step the ever pressing need to ask her before it was to late tied my tongue even more. Finally I spurted out, "That's my place over there, want to stop in and get a glass of water or something, maybe I could make is some lunch." I know, super smooth!

She said yes and after getting her a drink I when straight to whipping up lunch. It was all smelling so great, the garlic and onions accompanied by seasonings and 5 different types of mushrooms all sauteed in some white truffle oil. I turned down the heat add some cream and cheese and CLUMP! Everything started to clump together... What was happening? I had the flame just right the cheese should be melting. Shouldn't it? This was about the time I realized I'd purchased fat free cheese. Everyone knows better than to use fat free cheese for most anything other than ruining good food!

I frantically tried to save the dish, frantically failed that is. I gave it up and in the trash lunch went. I heated up some leftovers and kept babbling about how I was an idiot and I was sorry I ruined lunch. But a strange thing happened. She wanted to hang out the next week! And it was the next week that the Cooking for Zo promise was born.


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